Ninja Thirsti™ Sparkling & Still Drink System

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Includes One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Product Description

Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System (Black), Sparkling and Still Water, 6-oz. to 24-oz Sizes. Includes:

  • (1) 60L CO2 Cylinder
  • (8) Flavored Water Drops
  • 60-day money back guarantee
Meet the Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System. Personalize Flavour and fizz to create thousands of still and sparkling drinks at the touch of a button. Customize your drink by 4 different functions, 20+ Flavours, 2 Flavour strengths, 3 fizz levels, and 4 drink sizes. Dispense directly into your favorite cup. Includes CO2 Canister and a variety of Flavoured Water Drops. Enjoy a single Flavour or combine two Flavours to create your signature drink.

  • • CUSTOMIZE & CREATE: Easily personalize your fizz, function, Flavour, Flavour intensity, and drink size.
  • • SPARKLING OR STILL: Select still or choose between three sparkling levels.
  • • FILL ANY CUP: Four different size settings, including 6oz, 12oz, 18oz and 24oz.
  • • Flavour: Select a Flavour and Flavour intensity OR keep it unFlavoured.
  • • MIX & MATCH: Combine any two Flavours to create something new.
  • • FUNCTION MEETS Flavour: Four (4) function-forward lines: Splash, Vitamins, Hydrate, and Energy. Each are 0 calories, 0 sugar, and naturally Flavoured with other natural Flavours.
  • • CO2 MADE SIMPLE: Easy to install and replenish CO2 Canister. Designed for the Ninja Thirsti™ to provide more efficient carbonation vs the leading competitors.
  • • LESS WASTE: By replacing single-use plastic bottles for the Ninja Thirsti™, you can save up to 1,000 plastic bottles over the course of the year.
  • • SAVE MORE WITH THIRSTI™: Save up to 50% on canned and plastic bottled drinks when you transition to the Ninja Thirsti™!
  • • INCLUDES: Ninja Thirsti™ Station, 48oz Removeable Temperature Sensitive Water Reservoir, 60L CO2 Cylinder, (8) Flavoured Water Drops

Cord Length78.74 cm
Product Dimensions (cm)35.5 cm L x 22.25 cm W x 40.64 cm H
Wattage55 watts
Warranty (years)1 year
Voltage120 volts
Weight8.5 lbs

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  • Ninja Thirsti™ Station
  • 48oz Removeable Temperature Sensitive Water Reservoir
  • 60L CO2 Cylinder
  • (8) Flavoured Water Drops

Everything else you need to quench your thirst.

Ninja Thirsti™ Flavored Water Drops

With over 20 unsweetened and sweetened flavors across 4 drink lines, create a drink for any occasion.

Three Ninja Thirsti CO2 canisters.

CO2 canisters and Refill Club

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Three Ninja Thirsti CO2 canisters.

Ninja Thirsti™ Travel Bottles

The bottle designed for carbonated drinks.
Engineered to keep drinks colder and fizzier for longer.

Ninja Thirsti™ Sparkling & Still Drink System